To block users :

1-Go to user profile
2-Press up right button
3-Choose block user

To add users to your society :

1-Go to user profile page
2-Press the up right button
3-Choose add to my society

Remove users from your society

1-Go to user profile page
2-Press the upright button
3-Choose remove from my society


1- Press on the content
2-Swipe up to see the comments
3-You can add text comment by filling the field of text then press the button of send
4-You can add video reply by pressing on add video reply
Direct Messages
1-Press the messaging button in the bottom tool bar
2-You can review your messages or start a new conversation by clicking on the up right button


You can review notifications by pressing on bell button on your homepage screen.

Community is your interest group within the touch app, you will see highly rated contents based on your interest with our new way of previewing.

My Society:
As you travel in the communities that interest you, you can start building your own community of users that you share the most with. Add the users whose content you want to see in your society to stay up-to-date with the valuable things they post.

1-Tap search button in your homepage
2-Search for users by username or use hashtag to explore more contents.

Make your first touch app Content and join a community of your interests.

To create a new Content:

1. Tap at bottom of the homepage screen.
2.Choose what you want to share (Question, idea, Talent)
3. Upload content from your device Library or use the touch app camera.
5. Take photo, write in color or start your video by pressing the Record button.
6. Record your content.
7. Tap the Next button.
8. Add Title, choose interest and location.
9. Post your Content!



A username is the @username other touch app users can use to tag or find you. A nickname is the name visible to users on your profile.

To change your username:

1. Tap Profile in the bottom right.
2. Tap Edit profile.
3. Enter your desired username.

To add or change a profile photo:

1. Tap Profile in the bottom right.
2. Tap Edit Profile.
3. Tap Change Profile picture
4. select Take a photo or Upload photo

1-Tap Profile in the bottom right.
2-Tap up right button

To setup touch app account:

1. Download touch app from Google Play or the App Store.
2. Open the app.
3. Tap Profile in the bottom right.
4. Choose a method to sign up.

Note: Make sure your email and phone number are valid as they are needed for log in and password recovery.